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The presence of mold in a house is certainly not a comfortable situation.
To a large extent, when it occurs, it can cause health problems and make life difficult for residents.
For these reasons, regular tests should be carried out in order to check for the presence of fungi and proceed to their removal.
When to perform mushroom decontamination? Who can ensure it effectively and at what cost?

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Asbestos air tests

The presence of asbestos in a house is harmful. Whether in a residential, commercial or industrial building, the circulation of these particles in the air endangers the health of the occupants. However, air tests can help detect them easily.

In general, asbestos air tests are carried out during asbestos removal work. Similarly, these tests take place during the renovation of an old house. They provide reliable information on the amount of asbestos particles suspended in the air. The results will also enlighten you on the level of dangerousness of these particles.

Importance of removing asbestos from the air

It is important to always remember the harmful nature of asbestos for human beings. Indeed, when a person inhales this particle, it negatively affects his health. Over the years, inhalation of asbestos particles can cause serious illness. For example, you will be exposed to lung cancer. Similarly, asbestosis and chronic respiratory disorders can deteriorate your health. You must then take steps to detect these microscopic fibers within your building in order to live in a healthy environment.

Depending on the case, these microscopic asbestos fibers can be housed in several corners of a dwelling. Thus, you can find them at the level of vermiculite, plasters and vinyl tiles. Similarly, they can be found in flockings, flooring, but also in joints. To avoid exposure to inhalation, it is not recommended to have direct contact with a material that may contain asbestos. Contact can occur when you touch or get close to an object containing these particles. It is also for this reason that it is recommended to entrust the work of testing and decontamination to professionals. Indeed, they are equipped to intervene in strict compliance with security measures.

Need for asbestos air testing

An asbestos air test is a process for determining the concentration of asbestos fibres in a home. It also presents an estimate of the level of asbestos that can be breathed in by those who occupy a building. In the standards, you must perform this test at specific times during your construction project. This test is also important when you renovate your home after a disaster. It is also important to determine the concentration of asbestos fibres when renovating an abandoned house or when removing asbestos.

To intervene, specialists take samples. They use a pump with a membrane filter to collect the different asbestos fibers. These air samples are then analyzed in the laboratory. It should be noted that these tests must be carried out daily to evaluate the asbestos removal process on a daily basis. This monitoring also makes it possible to minimize the risk of exposure of those who intervene during the work. You can count on the professionals of the company “Exterminator North Shore” to carry out quality tests.

Mold air tests

In reality, molds are comparable to microchampignons. They are invisible to the naked eye. When they are in a humid environment, they grow faster. Note that their presence affects air quality. Thus, those who live in such an environment are exposed to respiratory diseases. In addition, inhalation of mold spores can cause eye irritation, headache, sore throat, colds and cough. When you are in an environment polluted by these microchampignons, some signs will confirm it. For example, you will smell bad smells of moldy, fresh earth or alcohol. In some cases, you will notice black or greenish spots on the walls, ceilings or carpet. Sometimes you will be alerted by small curls or cracks in the walls.

You should know that mold is not visible to the naked eye when it starts its development. It is only when they reach a certain concentration in a given place that they become remarkable. At this time, you will observe stains and smell smells. That would already be too late.

To quickly detect the presence of these molds in your environment, you must call on qualified professionals who will intervene at home to carry out mold air tests. You can count on the speed of the professionals of our company. For years, we have been intervening in north shore towns such as Terrebonne, l’assomption, Laval, Repentigny, Mirabel, Saint-Eustache, Blainville, Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, etc.

The different types of mold air tests

Mold air tests are technical and require several devices. Thus, professionals make use of: the impaction sampler, the cassette sample and the suspended particle collector. It should be noted that the first device has a calibrated air pump, and the second is single-use equipment. These three types of test equipment make it possible to collect mold spores for analysis in the laboratory.

Importance of mold air testing

Mould air tests are processes for detecting mould in a building. They allow you to be located on the contents of the ambient air of your home. Given their harmful effects on health, it is important to carry out mold tests. The latter are intended for residential and commercial buildings. So know that your workplace also needs it. Do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy the best services at the best rates.



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