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Can mice climb on the beds?

When given the opportunity, mice spare no effort to invade and settle in homes. These rodents have such a high nuisance capacity that your serenity, health and effects can go away. In a house, there...

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How do cockroaches arrive?

Among the animals that can make life difficult in your home like rodents like the forest mullet, we can mention cockroaches. Still called cockroaches, these usually make home in homes. Generally,...

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As wild animals can be unpredictable and pose a real danger to you or your loved ones, it is important that you exercise extreme caution when dealing with one of these. Don’t run any chances and contact the Delta Extermination North Shore team as soon as possible. One of our technicians will take care of you personally.


All corrective and preventive work of The North Shore Exterminatorhas an exceptional 15-year warranty! This is our way of offering you the assurance that you are dealing with the best pest management team in Quebec.

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