The presence of rats causes considerable damage in a house. Their proliferation is even at the origin of certain diseases. It is important to quickly get rid of these pests when you suspect their presence on your premises. Fortunately, there are several processes that can fight against these critters. Thus, the treatment of pests can be done through the use of certain products and plants that emit odors and repel them. Our company, Exterminateur Rive Nord, specialist in rat control and asbestos decontamination offers you odors likely to scare away rats. We offer solutions tailored to your problem.

Why fight against rat infestation?

Rodent blooms are a problem that most households face. When these critters find refuge in your premises, they bring destruction and disease. Indeed, rats usually feed on your products and destroy your furniture. In addition, they are vectors of certain diseases. Fighting against their infestation becomes essential when they begin to show up in your home.

Unfortunately, it is not at all easy to get rid of these species of the muridae family. There is no shortage of ways to do this, but these animals can be particularly stingy. However, certain odors can help you fight rats effectively. Your Laval exterminator is the ideal solution to help you fight them.

How to recognize their presence?

Even if rodents show very little at the beginning of the infestation, several signs can tell you that they are present. They get noticed much more at night than during the day.

In the first place, they are very noisy beings. Thus, the alarming warning signs are noises such as scratching, trampling and small high-pitched screams that you hear at night. Then, the rats leave traces of teeth on some materials in the house such as wood and papers. Finally, when the infestation grows, these rodents are very indiscreet. They do not hesitate to make holes in your partitions in order to sneak into the walls to reach their nests.

Under these conditions, the use of a mute exterminator or a mouse exterminator then becomes necessary.

Plants that repel rats

The presence of rodents is a real threat to your furniture and a health risk factor. However, there are simple and effective ways to repel them. Indeed, the smell released by some plants is unpleasant for these harmful beings. Thus, to make the rats leave your home, these few plants will be of great use to you:

  • Laurel;
  • Sage;
  • Hyacinth;
  • Mint;
  • The angelica;

In practice, when you have spotted their nests or the areas where they often pass, place these natural products there. You can also put them at the level of the holes they make. If you have trouble identifying these locations, simply place the plants in strategic places in the house. And if you are overwhelmed by a rat infestation, do not hesitate to call on your emergency exterminator.

Natural repellent products for rats

Besides plants, there are other natural products that can do the trick. You can use these products as herbal supplements in order to succeed in the operation as quickly as possible. These elements with unpleasant odors for pests include:

  • Lemon;
  • Pepper;
  • Lemongrass;
  • Eucalyptus oils…

Arrange them as for plants in areas frequented by critters to keep them away from home.

Call on your exterminator for your rat infestation problems

The plants and products mentioned above can, in the short term, be very effective. However, in the long run, getting rid of all the rats that infest your home requires complete deratization. For this purpose, do not hesitate to contact Exterminateur Rive Nord. We are available for an effective north shore extermination . As confirmed Montreal exterminators , we are the ideal solution for your infestation problems. Our company, expert in extermination north shore puts at your disposal adequate measures according to the level of proliferation.

On the other hand, whether it is an asbestos decontamination or a residential extermination, as a Laval mouse exterminator, Laval rat exterminator, and Asbestos exterminator, we accompany you in this fight.

We respond to all kinds of requests, from individuals or professionals and we put at your disposal the best ways to rid your homes of these critters.