In order to keep rodents away from your home, there are a multitude of solutions to use. Among these, there are natural methods that make it possible to hunt them without killing them. This makes it possible to find a peaceful life and to avoid a possible colonization of these animals. We propose here some tips to get rid of mice permanently and naturally.

The use of cloves and essential oils

If you have mice in the house that bother you, it is advisable to get rid of them naturally with cloves. These rodents do not appreciate the smell it gives off and will therefore flee the areas that are impregnated with it. An effective method is to use cotton wool soaked with clove oil. It is also recommended to put it in a cloth to deposit in places where these small animals usually venture. To get rid of them, we also recommend the use of essential oils.

Indeed, these rodents do not support the smell of certain plants such as sage, mint or laurel. By using them in their natural form or essential oil, they will represent excellent repellents. One method is to strategically place the leaves of these plants in the house. They can be put in the dark corners of the room or directly in their shelter. For this technique to be more effective, the leaves used must be changed regularly.

Another approach is to use essential oils with a diffuser that includes various liquids. This may include:

  • clary sage;
  • peppermint or;
  • garlic.

You can also put lavandin, eucalyptus or bay leaves. On the other hand, we can take a cotton pad wet with essential oil and deposit it in the areas of passage of mice.

The use of aluminum foil and dried snake droppings

Another functional and natural technique to keep rodents away is to use aluminum foil. For this, when we have a specific object to protect from these pests, we roll it with this sheet. Whether it’s its noise, its slippery surface or its smell, these animals do not appreciate it. By plugging the passage holes of these pests with aluminum foil, they will no longer venture near the house.

It may sound weird, but it is actually possible to permanently and naturally get rid of mice with snake droppings. Since this reptile is by nature a predator for these rodents, they flee when they smell its excrement. This is for the simple reason that they fear to meet one in the vicinity. To get these droppings, you can go to a zoo or a specialized pet store.

Keeping your home in good condition

In order to keep mice away from the house, it is important that good hygiene prevails within the property where you live. To do this, it is necessary to clean the interior regularly and make the garbage cans airtight. Placing them about 30 cm above the ground will also prevent the proliferation of mice in the house. In addition, it will be necessary to think about securing the food by storing it in a tightly closed place. The main reason for the presence of mice in a house is the search for food for food. It is then necessary to avoid putting all the food in one place.

Hunting mice with their natural predators

Another trick to get rid of mice is to adopt pets such as a cat or an owl. They represent real allies to drive these pests out of the house. For example, you can install in the garden, a nesting box for birds of prey.

Here are so many tips to follow to permanently get rid of mice in the house. However, a simpler process is to use a rodent extermination company like Exterminateur Rive Nord. Specialists in residential and commercial extermination , we offer one of the best services in the Montreal area.