The proliferation of rodents in a house is not an uncommon occurrence. They are harmful beings that do not hesitate to create colonies within your walls and are the basis of many damages. So when you spot a mouse, there’s definitely a whole family hidden in your home. For this, you must absolutely eradicate the evil as soon as possible in order to protect yourself from the disorders created by these rodents. Exterminateur Rive-Nord helps you better fight rodent extermination in your home. How to get there?

Recognize the presence of mice in your home and look for entry points

Before thinking about exterminating the mice of your home, it is essential to know how to recognize their presence. Indeed, some quite revealing signs show you that your home is the refuge of a family of rodents. One of the first signals is the presence of mouse droppings. When you begin to notice rodent droppings, you need to be more careful. Then, tooth marks and scratching sounds are also signs of the presence of mice in your home.

Finally, when you notice rodent nests, fat marks, paw prints or dead or even living mice, be sure that your home is invaded. From this point on, it is important to find ways to eradicate or drive them out. After confirming the infestation, now proceed to search for entry points. This is an important step in the extermination of these critters.

To do this, pay attention to the places where the signs that allowed you to recognize their presence are most visible. After that, seal the openings to stop the proliferation and to better eliminate them.

Set up mousetraps

One of the most used techniques to combat rodent infestation is the setting of traps. For this purpose, there are different types of traps that you can use (spring traps, electric traps, etc.). However, you must place them in strategic locations in order to have the guarantee of capturing or eliminating them. Thus, place traps along walls, behind garbage cans and in places where you encounter them.

Then find the perfect bait to lure rodents into your traps. Peanut butter is the most effective option. Cheese and nuts are also quite interesting and commonly used bait ideas. Mice can also establish their homes in your room. If you begin to notice their presence in the room, you can place the traps there. In any case, the effectiveness of a mousetrap depends on the bait used and where you place it.

Buy cats and maintain your home

The cat is the natural predator of the house mouse. Thus, a simple meow of the carnivore can scare the mice away from your home. If you have no problems with cats, you can use it to drive away rodents and successfully exterminate mice in the house. In addition, regular maintenance of your home will allow you to quickly identify their presence and succeed in your residential extermination. Thus, maintain your home well, especially rooms such as the garage, bedroom or kitchen.

Call on a professional

The most effective way to successfully exterminate a rodent in your home is through the solicitation of professionals. Indeed, there are many agencies like Exterminateur Rive-Nord, able to accompany you. We give you the best advice and help you identify and eliminate mice from your home. We put at your disposal, qualified experts, able to accompany you effectively in residential extermination operations.

Exterminateur Rive-Nord first goes through a diagnosis to detect the presence of rodents, before moving on to an approach that suits your home. Whether it is the extermination of mice, rats, field mice, etc., do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy a quality service.