Mice are real problems for homes. These harmful beings who invite themselves into your home and swarm your living environments are responsible for several disorders. Hold on, they do not hesitate to attack your walls, your furniture, your provisions, etc. These invaders are even sometimes vectors of certain diseases. When you notice the presence of a mouse in your premises, it is worth getting rid of it before it happens again. Thus, it is not always necessary to make a residential extermination or buy an animal that can hunt them. However, it is important to kill the rodent. How to get there with homemade traps? Exterminator North Shore, your rat control expert, accompanies you in this fight against pests.

Install traps

Trap installation is one of the most effective solutions to overcome a rodent that bothers you. This very old technique makes it possible to catch the animal by means of a bait. The size and type of trap depends on the rodent. Since it is only a mouse, you can use a dozen traps for optimal work. Arrange them along the walls, as mice are more common at these levels.

Then find a bait that can actually attract the critter. Generally, peanut butter is very effective on rodents. Walnut jam, fruit, cheese, flour, etc. are also excellent products to attract them.

In addition, do not hesitate to contact your Exterminator North Shore if you can not do it alone. We put at your disposal qualified experts, able to accompany you. We are the deratization company par excellence.

Using homemade poison to kill mice

You can make poisons for rodent extermination yourself.


Bleach is a highly toxic product and dangerous enough to harm a human being. Thus, it is also able to harm a mouse. Indeed, rodents such as rats or mice are very suspicious animals. The smell of sodium hypochlorite in bleach repels them every time they are confronted with it. In order to effectively attract these critters to the product without repelling them, it is important to mask this smell. This operation is not always simple. It is therefore necessary to show ingenuity by using a food to hide the smell of bleach that repels critters. Also, you need to make sure that the food is poisoned enough to kill the mouse.

Dairy products poisoned with bleach

Rats and mice are fond of dairy products. Using cheese or condensed milk to trap them is therefore an effective way. To achieve this, you can use bleach as a poison, lay it at the level of strategic areas. Be sure to apply an adequate dose so as not to scare away rodents and kill them instantly after consuming the dairy product.


Salt is a deadly poison for mice. A few minutes after consuming such a natural substance, the rodent dies. So use this to your advantage. For this purpose, mix salt with a food that the beast likes (chocolate, cheese, flour, etc.) and place the mixture in specific places. The result is automatic when the animal consumes this homemade poison.

Baking soda

It’s a cooking ingredient that has a reputation for killing the rats and mice that make their homes within your walls. So why not make a product by mixing bicarbonate, sugar and flour? Make sure you have a homogeneous mixture and arrange everything in the areas most frequented by invaders. By consuming this toxic substance, the digestive system of the animal will be blocked and it will gradually lose its life.

In addition to bleach, these different repellents harm the mouse and help fight them. However, sometimes you are not able to solve the problem. This is where your exterminator comes in.

Seek the expertise of Exterminateur Rive-Nord

The use of bleach or other products can be ineffective in some cases if you can not concoct them well. In this case, the best is to call on the best rat control company based in Montreal: Exterminateur Rive-Nord. We have unprecedented experience and we put our qualified experts at your disposal to help you fight these pests. Do not hesitate to call us if the infestation is significant. In this situation, only our competent experts will be able to help you solve the problem.