Invasions of ants are very common today. Indeed, these small insect pests are among those who most seek the company of man. Despite being tiny and almost harmless at first, they quickly become some families’ worst nightmare. If you are currently experiencing an invasion, rest assured, there are a host of natural solutions to win the battle. There are also preventive solutions to never see them again. This article will introduce you to effective natural solutions against ants.

The dangers of an ant infestation

To better understand the benefit of this list of solutions, you need to know the dangers you will face after an ant infestation in your home. For starters, there are several species of ants, and each of them presents a different level of danger to your health and home.

The most common species in France today is the carpenter ant. As the name suggests, she loves wood very much even if she does not usually make it her meal. Instead, she loves to dig holes and galleries to install her ant nest. Unfortunately, this action has the effect of reducing the life of the frame. In the absence of the woods of your ceiling, the carpenters can also take up residence in those of your furniture in the living room. In no time, they shorten the beauty and resistance of your majestic tables and armchairs.

Other species are not used to attacking wood. However, since they are generally all looking for a warm and cozy place, they particularly like to settle in the sunstroke system of houses. Of course, this will not be without consequences for you. Indeed, so that the place is at their ease, they will work to tear here and there the insulating material causing the passage of efficiency to the system. Knowing that insulation work costs a fortune, ants cannot be considered allies of man.

Preventive solutions against ants

Many solutions are effective in dealing with an ant infestation, but none is worth good pest prevention. To avoid opening your pantry and find that you are besieged by ants, you must have well-sealed doors and windows. You should also make sure that your walls do not have cracks large enough to contain ant nests.

Then, you need to get into the habit of not letting anything hang around that can attract them. We are, of course, talking about food crumbs. As for the leftovers of your meals, the solution is to store them in hermetically sealed containers and put them in the fridge. It is the same for sweet foods such as jars of honey, jams, sugar bags, packets of cookies already started… You should also get into the habit of regularly taking your garbage outside.

Natural solutions to get rid of ants

Nature has been able to do things well, there are a multitude of everyday products to not only keep the ants away from your home, but also to exterminate them.

Diatomaceous earth

It is one of the key remedies against ants since it is of unparalleled effectiveness. Diatomaceous earth powder, whether brown or white in color, contains thin slices of very old algae. The natural properties of the latter offer diatomaceous earth the ability to repel all species of ants away.

Warm soapy water

Easy to produce and available in no time, it is the solution to try first as soon as you notice the presence of ants in your home. You just need to dilute a little soap in warm water and then pour some into their nests. This water will take care of the extermination of ants. You should still bear in mind that this solution is viable only if you first spot the nest of ants.

Essential oils

Contrary to what can be thought of them, ants have a very fine sense of smell. This allows them to smell the sweet stuff from afar. You can also use this aspect of their anatomy to your advantage. In reality, they hate strong scents like that of mint, almond, etc. You can then concoct a mixture of half a liter of water, about twenty drops of peppermint and a dozen drops of sweet almond. You will only have to spray the mixture often enough to keep them away from home.

The mixture of sugar and salt

They like sugar, but once it is mixed with salt, they can’t tell the difference. But the taste of salt horrifies them. To get rid of them, you will only have to mix salt with sugar and arrange this in the places they frequent the most. They will think they will feast, but they will end up annihilated.


With its pronounced acidity, lemon is one of the dishes that ants hate the most. So you only have to squeeze a few slices of lemons into the ant-populated areas in your home to scare them away. This solution has the advantage of being very fast. The results are felt in just a few days of practice.

In short, if you are victims of an ant invasion, take the weapons provided in this article and fight against the invaders. Keep in mind, however, that the most effective solution is prevention. If the situation is beyond you, you also have the opportunity to seek the collaboration of a disinsection company such as ant exterminator Montreal, it takes excellent care of pest management Montreal.