The invasion of a house by rodents like rats is never well experienced by residents. These pests are true destroyers of human habitats. To get rid of it, many people prefer to use non-lethal natural methods.
Exterminateur Rive Nord
presents its selection of natural repellent techniques for rodents.

Using essential oils

Various benefits are associated with essential oils. They are used for many reasons, including the treatment of certain ailments. These natural plant essences are also excellent repellents for rodents. Indeed, these undesirable beings do not tolerate the smells of certain plants from which essential oils are derived. Mix the essential oils of the following plants:

  • peppermint;
  • clary sage;
  • bay leaves;
  • eucalyptus;
  • Etc.

Use a sprayer and spread this mixture in places at home. If you don’t have a diffuser, soak pieces of cotton with these essential oils. Then, place them at strategic corners of your home.

Use dried snake droppings

This method may seem ridiculous to you to keep the rodent away from your home. And yet it is very effective. In fact, the snake is a natural predator of rats, mice, etc. Rodents easily recognize the smell of the droppings of this reptile. For fear of coming across a snake, these pests will move away from your home. To get snake droppings, go to a pet store or zoo.

Using an ultrasonic device

To scare rodents away from your home, you can acquire an ultrasonic device. The latter is available in general trade. By the waves it emits, it disturbs the senses of rodents. Rest assured, this device is not dangerous for humans.

This ultrasonic machine effectively repels rodents. However, you need to use it for a while. By the way, rodents are able to adapt to it. And if they succeed, they will get used to the idea that ultrasound is only used to disturb them and not to kill them. In the end, they will invade your home again.

Use an effective live rodent trap

Many traps make it possible to capture rodents without them losing their lives. These are mostly mouse traps. You can find several kinds in the trade. Once the mouse has been captured, all you have to do is throw it back into the wild. On the other hand, do it at a good distance from home.

There are many online tutorials that you can download. These tutorials allow you to make a non-lethal mouse trap yourself. Exterminateur Rive Nord, a company specializing in the residential extermination of rodents and other pests in Quebec City, offers many of its traps for the capture of pests.

Regularly clean the house

Home hygiene is essential for many reasons. One of them is the remoteness of rodents. Truth be told, these pests like in unsanitary places. Clean your kitchen often with essential oils, baking soda or white vinegar diluted in water. These products leave traces of cleanliness that rodents do not like. What’s more, avoid leaving leftover food exposed. Clean dishes regularly after use. Do not pile dirty dishes in the sink.

Rodents also like to live in the places where garbage cans are installed. The reason is that they find food there essential for their proliferation. Therefore, you should keep your garbage cans always tightly closed. Better, consider placing them in height 30 cm from the ground.

As for your food stock, it should be laid out in a place out of reach of rodents. Cover your groceries so that odors that could emanate from food do not attract these pests. Do not also store too much food in one place.

Having a pet that is an enemy of rodents

natural repellents

Like snakes, there are several predators of rodents. A few of them are cats and birds of prey, including the owl. As specialists in this field, we recommend our clients in Greater Montreal to have a cat. In addition to being good company, it will keep all rodents away from your home. Just hearing the meows of their natural predator the cat, rodents will flee from your home. Of course, some unlucky little mice may fall under the cat’s claws.

If you prefer owls or owls, consider setting up a nest box in your garden for this animal.