Just like humans, insects also love spring, because this season of the year is conducive to swarming. Indeed, it is the process of reproduction of these animal species.

If in general, insects live outside the house, they can very quickly find a favorable space to found a colony. At this point, man has only one desire: to get rid of these ants or termites. But concretely what is it? To be able to get rid of it effectively, it is imperative to succeed in making the distinction. So read this article to learn more.

Points of differentiation between termites and ants

Many people confuse termites and ants. While it is true that both insects have wings to fly, there are notable differences between them. First, it must be remembered that there is only one type of termite that flies: the breeder.

On the other hand, within ants, several species are endowed with this ability to fly. These are the carpenter, the fragrant ones, and the sidewalk ants. In general, three points must be taken into account in the differentiation of these insects: wings, antennae and size.

The ant

On an ant, the antennae are slightly rounded, and its body is not uniform. Of a black or brown color, the body is divided into two parts, the abdomen of which is separated from the thorax by a very narrow waist. The wings of the ant are uneven two by two, since those in the front are more developed than those in the back. However, it should be clarified that not all ants are provided with wings. But they are no less useful within the colony.

Indeed, the ant belongs to a well-organized and well-structured colony composing different levels of responsibilities. Thus, the wingless females are the workers, and these are also infertile. Among those that can fly are queens and males.

The role of queens is to ensure the reproduction and multiplication of the species. Their much more developed abdomens actually carry the ovaries useful for reproduction. And finally, there are the soldiers who are also sterile females in charge of protecting the colony.


Unlike ants, termites have several regularities on their bodies. First, they have a straight anatomy, without marked size, and their four wings are identical. The termite is soft and creamy, yellow or livid brown in color.

Their colony consists of only three classes: the workers, the breeders and then the soldiers. The tasks of the breeders are numerous, and among them you can note the recognition of new sites to accommodate the new colony. Only male and female termites are concerned by this role.

Worker termites are those that do not have wings, but perform all tasks except reproduction. Soldiers are the guardians against possible predators. Finally, it should be noted that termites are not omnivorous like ants, but rather herbivores.

Damage caused by ants in a house

When they settle in a house, ants become real adversaries. Their damage is enormous, and we could start by mentioning that of carpenters. Indeed, when they storm the wood or the frame of a house, they are merciless.

Black ants, on the other hand, live outside human dwellings. But they quickly invite themselves into a house if they find refuge or a source of food. Although these ants are without damage to health, it is important to get rid of them before they create real material damage.

The use of Diatomaceous Earth

Thanks to its lasting effect, Diatomaceous earth is very effective in the fight against ants and termites. For these pests, choose the amorphous silica version, which will be spread on the passage of insects.

This product does not pose any danger to human health, but it is better not to inhale it. It is also recommended to put on protective clothing and accessories before using it. And in order for it to be effective, it is necessary to avoid contact with water.

Precaution against ants

In case of infestation, it is essential to resort to an extermination group that will help with disinsection. To ensure the extermination of these pests, do not hesitate to contact us at the first signs.