Decontamination of fungi/moulds

The presence of mold in a house is certainly not a comfortable situation.
To a large extent, when it occurs, it can cause health problems and make life difficult for residents.
For these reasons, regular tests should be carried out in order to check for the presence of fungi and proceed to their removal.
When to perform mushroom decontamination? Who can ensure it effectively and at what cost?

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Decontamination of fungi/mold: when to do it?

Any decontamination operation must be preceded by tests carried out by the owner himself or by a specialized company. Details will be provided a little later on this subject. As for decontamination itself, it is possible to use it in several cases.

In case of persistent odor

Mold decontamination Yes decontamination mushrooms can intervene in case persistent odor in the house. Indeed, when an unpleasant smell prevents breathing in the house, it is time to think about eliminating mold. This makes it possible to live more comfortably and to circulate without having to clog your nose.

In this case, the Montreal company Exterminateur Rive Nord can be contacted to benefit from quality services. This company offers quality services in this field. The use of such professionals makes it possible to detect the nature of the smell, its source and even the procedure to contain it. Decontamination can also take place in the event of flooding.

In case of flooding

The birth of molds and fungi also comes from floods. Of course, too much humidity may also be at the root of this phenomenon. Anyway, decontamination is necessary to get rid of these rots. That said, it is not often uncommon to find mushrooms in a part of your home after a flood.

When this case occurs, specialists recommend testing the entire rest of the dwelling for a full check. In fact, when mold is discovered in one part of the house, the probability that it will be present in the remaining parts is very high.

In case of appearance of certain symptoms and mild diseases

Apart from situations of persistent odour and flooding, decontamination of moulds and fungi can also take place in a specific case. This is the appearance of certain types of Symptoms And benign diseases. Thus, as soon as a family member presents these types of mold-related ailments, the decontamination operation is inevitable.

In detail, these symptoms and benign diseases concern:

  • Sore throat;
  • Chronic infections of the sinuses;
  • Persistent coughs and frequent headaches;
  • Incomprehensible fatigue situations;
  • Rashes and unexplained urticaria;
  • Wheezing; etc.

The list is long because the appearance of these symptoms depends on the specific living conditions in each dwelling.

Decontamination of fungi/mold: who to do the test?

Mold testing is done in different ways. In most cases, the procedures and methods depend on the person who performs them.


Homeowners can do the mold testing in homes themselves. In this case, the obligation is no longer imposed on them to use the services of a professionalin the field to win their case. Fortunately, in terms of results, expectations are mostly met at a high percentage.

In practice, there are accessories and tools on the market designed by companies in the field in order to facilitate the task for individuals. They can then buy them and carry out the tests without constraints. To a large extent, the use of these materials makes it possible to check for the presence of mold spores in the air.

At the same time, they can promote the detection of hidden mushrooms, regardless of the part of the house. However, it should be remembered that the tests carried out by individuals have some limitations. This is usually explained by the improper handling of tools and their use in unsuitable conditions.

For these reasons, the use of the services of a professional is essential.


The tests carried out by the Professionals are the most Effective and the safest. In several countries, they are recommended every year. To do this, North Shore Exterminator offers them to the inhabitants of the towns of Terrebonne, l’Assomption, Laval, Repentigny, Mirabel or Saint-Eustache.

The natives of Brainville, Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse, or Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines may also apply for this undertaking. It offers superior services in the field with professionals experienced in the task. They are selected for their year of experience, rigor and expertise.

For all intents and purposes, the services of an auditor make it possible to know the level of mold in his house and to benefit from a tailor-made service. The latter uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment to carry out tests of a certain precision. Quite often, professionals offer low-priced services with a quote to back it up.

Decontamination of fungi/mold: for what price?

Like any disinfection operation, mold decontamination comes at a price. It is usually set taking into account several factors:

  • The level of presence of mold in the dwelling;
  • The equipment and tools to be used;
  • The tests carried out;
  • The duration of the work;
  • The qualification of the professional; etc.

It should be noted that these parameters may be supplemented. For this reason, the best tip is to ask for a quote from the professional who takes care of the various works. In this way, it is possible to have a look at the tariff estimate before deciding. By the way, it is advisable to make a comparison of quotes by contacting several professionals. This is one of the best ways to make a wise choice.



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