Cockroaches are one of the most common nuisances in homes in Montreal. Their presence can be alarming and disturbing, as they multiply rapidly and are difficult to eliminate. These unwanted insects carry bacteria and can contaminate food, posing a health risk to your family. In this article, we will take a detailed look at cockroach extermination and prevention methods in Montreal, in order to help you eradicate these invaders and protect your home.

Identification of cockroaches in Montreal

Before proceeding to the extermination of cockroaches, it is essential to identify them correctly. In Montreal, the two most common types of cockroaches are the Germanic cockroach, which is light brown in colour and smaller, and the oriental cockroach, which is dark brown and larger. Once you have identified the type of cockroaches present in your home, you can choose the best method of extermination.

Methods of extermination of cockroaches

There are several methods of cockroach extermination, ranging from non-toxic approaches to chemicals. Slimy traps, poisoned baits and insecticidal aerosols are commonly used to get rid of these insects. However, it is essential to consider the safety of your family and pets when using chemicals. Professional extermination is an option to consider for severe and persistent infestations.

Methods of prevention of cockroaches

Preventing cockroach infestation is the best approach to avoid future problems. Some preventative measures include keeping a clean and tidy home, eliminating food and water sources, sealing cracks and openings, and installing natural repellents. Adopting these prevention methods will reduce the chances of a cockroach infestation in your home.

Keeping a home clean and tidy

Cockroaches are attracted to food crumbs and debris. Be sure to keep your home clean by vacuuming regularly, wiping surfaces and emptying garbage frequently. Also avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink for a long time, as this can attract cockroaches in search of food.

Elimination of food and water sources

Cockroaches need water to survive. So fix all water leaks in your home, whether under sinks, in the bathroom or in the garden. Also store food in airtight containers to prevent cockroaches from accessing it.

Sealing cracks and openings


Inspect your home regularly for cracks, holes or openings through which cockroaches could enter. Seal these openings with caulking or putty to prevent their intrusion. Also make sure doors and windows close properly and have sealing brushes to prevent cockroaches from entering.

Use of natural repellents

Some natural substances are repellent to cockroaches. For example, peppermint essential oil, neem oil, and baking soda are often used as natural repellents. Spray or sprinkle these substances where cockroaches are frequently seen to discourage them from approaching.

Cockroaches can be a serious nuisance in your home in Montreal, but there are effective extermination and prevention methods to eliminate them and prevent them from returning. By correctly identifying the type of cockroaches, using appropriate methods of extermination and adopting preventive measures, you will be able to preserve the cleanliness and health of your home. If the infestation is significant, do not hesitate to call on extermination professionals for an effective and sustainable solution. With these practical tips, you can say goodbye to cockroaches and find tranquility in your home in Montreal.